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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We did everything in a day....

We started up and instantly all 3 of us were acclimated to the new was odd really.

I woke up at 6,45 in the morning and we all were out of bed by 7 am. Here...that is Florence time. There is no jetlag or hungover feelings. Just instant, "Oh, the sun is up....we are supposed to wake up now" pop out of bed happy feelings....

We have Gordon's watch set on CA time and my watch set to Italy time. On the flight we had a miserable time sleeping....but, as soon as we made it here we did a quick walk around the block and Bam, we slept like rocks....we each got a cool bunk in the bunk beds here at the hostel and since we are a family they gave us a room with 5 sleeping beds...pretty nice, too.

We have been having a great time. It just feels so right to run around here...the light is bello...the people are bello...I went for a comfy CA gypsy look feel,clothingwise (oddly my friend Laura wrote about the gypsy look in her blog today or yesterday!) and I found myself wearing it today before I found out. Everyone here, little old ladies, men, women and children dresses like it is another day in formal day in paradise. I saw men in Armani suits riding bikes...women in full wool dresses in this warm weather...and little old ladies that looked so dainty it reminded me of the older women on the family tree from the citta`(city)...they had lovely handbags and big friendly smiles...and tiny women with little waists and big waists too...just a very done think tomorrow I might dress more formally. Though I have no idea how I would have climbed to the top of the Duomo if I had a suit on...

Gordon's phone is not working so we are writing carte postale for family members...I was shocked at how expensive a post card costs to mail...but even buying the stamps in Italian was fun...I had to go to a me think of know"Pappy had a hankering for some we got 'im some..."

"Io Vorrei venti francobolli per favore...."

When Spencer picked his meal from the menu, he pronounced it so well the waiter complimented his perfect accent. I knew his Italian teacher back in Santa Cruz would be so excited!

The guys are swimming in the pool downstairs...I had no idea that hostels could be such a sweet deal....we only ate twice today....the first was our free meal downstairs....buffet style...and actually healthy and good choices....we were thrilled...kept us through till 5 in the evening...accept for the gelato...that was sort of a meal in itself.

Gotta admit...I love Italy and the Italians...what a land of polite and civilized sister Christine always is so polite and well behaved, it made me think she would have so approved of the place...everyone is well dressed and plain nice...just the land she would create if she could make everyone obey....she would absolutely fit in like a charm...I was sort of a floppy vagabond just having a blast...but she would slide right into this culture and not have to change a is a fairy tale place...quite charming! 

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