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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wow...just when I thought....

I had a great conversation with my Study Abroad Counselor and her biggest concerns were that I was to bring worn tennis shoes and sorne other things so I could leave them behind in Italy when I leave in June!

As she worked her way through the packet she complimented the way I go everything done. There wasn't a shred of paper that I had not turned in or forgotten. She was amazed at how there was nothing to nag me about.

Then she asked me if I had any questions.

I did.

For the entire time I have been in Oregon State University as an online student, I have had difficulty getting any real answers or help from Financial Aid. On this whole thing I had perpetually worked to get answers from that department and I had always been told that the money will come 3 days or so into my first week in Italy.

In all the departments I had been told that I would be receiving money for me and my son while abroad. I had set up a cushion in expecting money of my own to cover the first week before my funding hit. I had set it up so if they were correct, I should be very comfortable. I just had no idea of how much I would be living on for food money until Igot a straight answer from Fin Aid.

So I asked the helpful counselor to get into Fin Aid somehow and find out a bottom line for my food money a day or my overall allotment while there. If I am living on $20 a day I need to know to budget ahead...

So imagine my surprise when I get a call back saying that I do not even have enough to pay for the program that was covered in my loans. No school. No trip.

But I have 2 tickets to Italy and a connection for a housesitting gig. I hate having to change my plans so late in the game but I am going to Italy now. There is no stopping the trip. Spencer and I are going to explore Italy, with or without credit from school.

So this morning I wrote to my connection in Perugia. I asked if  I can come earlier then the Summer plan we had been kicking around.

I feel disappointment, but I also feel that this is going to lead me to a more interesting place...if I could go through a crushing divorce, a foreclosure or two and now my school screwing me...well, this isn't the worst thing I have experienced. And things always wind up working out alright for me. I am a very lucky person and even the worst flop I leap into, can lead me to a really wonderful place if I let I am watching lovely shows like Once Upon a Time and soaking up the moment to get into a calmer disposition and then I can move forward...and figure out where I am going to be in less then 2 weeks...thank goodness Gordon is with me on the first leg.... 

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