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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Breakfast At The Pub....Take 2...

      I was delighted to head out this morning and find that we were going to meet Kerry's friends for breakfast. Trudging out to the car amidst another endless round of pelting Welsh rain, I felt the sting of it being quieter since we didn't have little Elliot....we drove over the absolutely amazingly green roads and roundabouts lined with daffodils to wind up at the classy pub with a trio of chickens in the back...I know, classy, with chickens in the back? Are you out of your mind? But seriously, the chickens add to the tudor architecture and the parking lot. Believe me it was classy...complete with a children's playground tucked inside the chicken coup area, that never has children in it. For me it is always fun to get together with any group of women....but it is really fun to get together with THIS group of women. It is a completely different experience here though for me since I don't follow all the conversation. When a group of women get together conversation is a pivotal part of what the point of the "get together" is about. When you are running behind on understanding the accent of the land...well, it is a good bet that, like me, you are missing the bulk of what is going on. I met with these classy and kind ladies before when I first got here, so I could take consolation in the fact that today I had 30 % more comprehension then a few weeks ago.....And Kimberley was not in the role of having to constantly repeat back Welsh-English to me as a kindly patient interpreter, well, at least not as much as she did the last time. They spoke with speed as they covered a wide range of subjects and I knew I was hopelessly behind but noted that my now 11 year old son was as lost as I was...he fidgeted alot more and tried to create many sub-conversations in order to cover for his clueless-ness, while I soldiered on with smiling and shrugging when I wasn't sure what was being discussed.

     As the rain pelted on, I noticed that many of them had stories of roof leaks. There was one at the pub we were in. One in one of the lady's homes. One at Kimberley's and one next door. I can't remember any leaks but one in the last ten years of stories at home. Why so many leaks here? And then I looked out the window and realized...we don't have the "constant" pressure that a "constant" rain must create on the poor roofs here!!

     But even without a clue as to what was being discussed, there was that same Welsh feeling that I have had since arriving here...they really seemed to be so kind towards me, I had the feeling that they liked being around us even if we are more like puppies in their midst...

     As I write this it is raining just before sunset...very hard. I think this weather is part of it. In California, we have nice dry weather a good chunk of the year. We can always go outside and be without people, instead of constantly being indoors with one another. I think that might be why they are so friendly and people oriented here. They seem to have to spend more time together indoors a place with a long winter. Well, I don't care about the cause, I like the downstream result! I love Welshies!

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