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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Breakfast in the Pub, Feeding at the Farm, Shopping in Pontyclun, and tea and cake at The Prince's

I was so excited when Kimberley told us that we would be having breakfast at the Pub with her mom's friends! I have always wanted to be in a Pub at all but to eat in a Pub and meet with buddies, well that is just way above my expectations. I was awestruck by being with people in a pub...but it was even friendlier then they seem in the movies...

After the practical and intelligent family realized the way out of my dilemna of not having packed sweaters and warm coats by taking me to a charity shop and dressing me more practically for Wales and its chilly cold wet weather. I was thrilled as we paid a pittance for clothes that I am not sure I can pack out of here...and Kimberley and Kerry dressed us in Welsh clothing that looked like everyone else. Now I have a wool coat...and Spencer has a wool coat and his makes him look like a character from Narnia and we both are set for whatever the weather holds while here....they even picked out a smart bag for my purse...some brand name of some I am showing off the useful and large selection of suntan lotions that the Welsh need to have for some reason...though I did not see enough to burn my skin while here yet.
Next we went to a farm and fed the animals and, oh boy, was that a skinny and beautiful road we came in on...tons of quaint hedgerows between the farms...I felt like James Herriott himself would greet us at the gate when we came in...

Shopping in Pontyclun and tea and cake at The Prince's was also a wonderful The Prince's we ate at a table from The King's Speech...I felt like I was in 1930's England complete with ladies in black maid's uniforms serving us our lovely tea and Welsh cakes and Coffee Shoe Buns.....What a splendid experience all the way around and it is only 5,30 in the evening...!!!Gosh what fun!!

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