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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Florence Fills Me with Wonder...

    Bart took this picture when he first got here. It is amazing how there are statues everywhere.Such an attempt o really make every nook and cranny beautiful. I leaned in next to Spencer's ear and said, "We have a statue of Yoda back in San Francisco."
     It is a funny thing when your ten year old is cultured enough to laugh at his mother being crass.
Right behind the above photo, if we had turned around, was this small nook devoted to yet another pair of greats who had been in Florence.
Galileo is on the left. He qualifies as a favorite of mine. I sent him a loving thought while running around near Pisa's Leaning Torre.
Walking on the tiny sidewalks is actually more of a challenge then one would think, especially when large buses and tiny cars regularly try to squeeze through the tiny roadside passing one another and ride over the curb rather indiscriminately. Gordon and I held Spencer in a death grip for the first few days but by the  time Bart got there Spencer was rather deftly negotiating his own way around the citta` and acting like quite a seasoned Florentine.
Since violence is so unheard of here, I found that running around in Florence feels really safe, whether in sexier clothes or alone for a moment or late at night. This place feels good....not only does it have a pretty face, but it feels good.

We ate at a lovely restaurant, Osteria Del Porcellino, after we ran our hands across the famous fountain's snout. The boar, is supposed to grant  wishes and roving bands of students with their teachers were showing their students how to get their wishes granted. I marvelled at how many large classrooms full of teens we have seen since coming to Florence. This was at 10 O'Clock at night!

At the restaurant we had all decided to skip dinner when we slipped in to go for a dessert instead. After eyeing the menu we went to a primi piatti anyway and had a light dinner. It is fun since we all share the same spirit of culinary adventure. We all share a portion of what we got this time and compare it to what we had at the last place. 
As we sat down at this place we noticed a rough but beautifully rendered painting of a firetruck next to our tavola. It turned out to be a Palo Alto firetruck complete with English on its side. American icons are everywhere! Oddly one of us at the table was BORN in Palo Alto. I took it as a sign we were supposed to find this place...

After we were done eating, for free, the waiter brought us each a little shot of Lemoncello a hard drink that made me gag. I was torn between polite behavior and my dislike of much alcohol but polite behavior won out and Gordon and I downed our alcohol and thanked the man profusely.

We have been sharing post cards of Santa Cruz we brought from home with businesses that catch our fancy.I think I want to go back to the pig's place and bring them a post card from home in Thanks....

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