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Monday, April 23, 2012

Money, Money, Money...

The British Pound has a few names it is a shilling, pound or for casual purposes, a quid. I have been fascinated with the coins and save them like Scrooge McDuck looking them over and over and trying to get the amounts and size straight.

A few weeks ago I was getting used to Euros and their size designed coins that show value by size...the bigger the coin the more it is worth...yet here I still keep counting them on a table every day trying to get them straight and I am still falling into the foreigner's coping mechanism of holding all my coins in my hand and letting clerks grab what they need. I didn't know  I was consistently so trusting.

Yet here is my pile of shillings, or pounds on the upper left. I also have a 2 shilling coin of two colors beside it. The copper coins are both 2 pence (the large one!) and a one pence  pile starting at the farthest left. The 7 sided smaller coin on the very bottom of the photo is a twenty pence pile, while the bigger 6 sided silver coin are three 50 pence coins. The middle pile of silver small coins are 5 pence pieces and to the far right are 10 pence pieces. 

The pound coins have different areas represented on the back.  I saved all the welsh dragons I have run across so I think I have around 4 of them...I also have a couple of leeks in a coronet also for Wales. There are also thistles in a coronet for Scotland, 3 long stylized lions for England etc...I figured out the trick for figuring out what country within the UK is represented by reading the side of the coin...the Welsh ones say Pleidiol Wyf  I'm Gwlad around the edge of the coin for the Welsh national anthem.

And all this is in addition to the notes or paper money...I have never had so much fun with money in my life...I feel like a 5 year old learning this stuff in each culture. When other people find themselves alone at a table they pull out their cell phones...but I have to admit that this entire trip I have been pulling out my little old lady coin purses and dumping out my Euros and my pounds. What a blast!

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