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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Nerd in Roma....

    I consider myself to be a bit cultured. Certainly I am not more cultured then most but I do study an awful lot.... even before I went back to school. My heart has been in scholarly mode for most of my life, and that has helped me to usually have a vague idea of a possible outcome....imagine my shock and surprise when we went to the Coliseo and it was surrounded by history. How come I have only seen the Coliseum and the traffic flying right by its base? For me, this implied the Italians...maybe just the Romans had little inerest in their past, since they must have watched its decay for an eternity. I was SSSSOOOOOOO wrong!!

     We had only walked about 10 minutes before we found a crumbling Roman Ruin of ancient wall. Spencer and I were so excited that we had to climb up the stairs..taking Bart and Gordon along with us....we found ourselves in a lover's courtyard of a park filled with headless statues and as we worked our way to the end...we came out on a lovely view of so much my eyes could do nothing more then oggle all that was around us...

We popped back down to the street and found ourselves being drawn towards a large piazza that also had lovey ruins out there in the open. Pieces of Roman forum were everywhere...the center of Rome is Roman in its totality. They have saved everything. I was stunned by how many lovely ruins there were in every direction.

The newest thing within view was a huge white marble building that was amazing. It is so big you can see it from everywhere! I was shocked at how it was completely surrounded by ruins as well. This place was so full of things to see we realized quickly we totally did not have enough time to see all that we wanted to here...and there is alot more of Roma then this section.

     We ate at a place across the street from the Coliseum...I had to much many lovely many arches...Jacob Bronowski's Ascent of Man was one of those things Dad had us watch....I loved the way he made it seem that the arch was the moment we became more then primitives...and I could see the arches everywhere on the thing...and we are on a hunt for the Pantheon tomorrow...that was the last dome before Brunelleschi found the way to create one again...this is a walk through humanity's greatest triumphs...too moving...Harrison would have loved this!! Brittany would have much to see and so much to do...we ARE coming back with the whole family...

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