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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Traveling Suits Me Fine....

My metamorphosis is to find that I can do this....I can go to an airport with Spencer and make my way...I have had huge problems that did not stop me from moving forward and getting where I need to go. I have never felt so capable and so together. When you talk about acceptance I see myself as a product of my people since coming to Wales. While in Italia I was a foreigner...or "stranieri" ...stranger, as they call them...on an adventure but here, I am with people who GET me as is. They have my sense of humor already. They have me laughing and crying in deep soulful ways I can't explain. They are loving and dang smart and savvy. They are just like everyone in both my family and Gordon's and it feels so good to feel like I make sense. I am a Welsh person who was raised in California. Every clerk, every child, certainly my relatives who are letting me stay here in their lives for this brief month, all are not just extending their natural warmth and hospitality...but they are also showing me that much of what I thought was my odd individuality is simply a product of the people here in Wales. Everywhere I look I see noses, eyes and faces that look just like a family member or even me. I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, and everyone around me was a mix of cultural traits...I went to school with kids from Asia and Mexico, and all different shapes, colors and sizes, and I loved that, but here, I have never had this much of a sense of belonging in my life and I find that both surprising and odd. Yes, you could say I am going through my own metamorphosis...I love traveling...this is truly the life for me...I should be living like this, traveling serious distances and exploring the world, all the time...I am already  a success...I feel it in my bones....I am all my insecurities and tons of confidence and I am a very exciting person who is not just accepting about me, but I am appreciating myself on this real spiritual journey in Europe...I suppose even this late in life, it is nice, even for a brief moment to live like I am actually geared for...

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