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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Uffizi Galleria....

We have been in Florence for days now and I feel very happy and satisfied...

We ate at a lovely restaurant called the gatto e volpe based on the cat and fox from Pinocchio...there are alot of Pinocchio things here...Spencer wants to get his big brother a Pinocchio thing since that is one of ttheir favorite movies to watch together!!

We waited through a long line in a wonderful statue filled area of a Piazza to get into the Uffizi. It was so worth it. Though we were hungry and tired we walked from room to room struck by all the paintings and beauty. There were lovely gold framed paintings that reminded me of a beautiful altar at a Greek Orthodox Church in Felton that some friends attend.

There were rooms filled with paintings I had seen before including a lovely Rafael. The room that knocked my socks off was the Botticelli room with BOTH the Primavera and Birth of Venus!! What stunning beauty. I just stood and stared!! Of course we were not allowed to take pictures but I am loading the paintings to jar your memory.

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  1. only allowed me to load a painting.....