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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

14 Now, a Routine….ahhhh…

     I woke this morning to realize that we are finally swinging into a routine. It hit me last night as we hung out again at the Bar. We hang out there where Spencer can socialize with the other kids after school. Also this is conveniently when I can connect with family since they are just waking up back home after four in the afternoon here.

     Today I was sitting at the Bar holding my cup of tea. It is always served to me in a small beer stein with a smiling German and the words, “Bit Burger” written on it in gothic letters. It always comes with a slice of lemon and one or two packets of sugar. They remember from my first day that I haltingly asked for my tea to come this way.

     Not only do I have my tea routine down pat…but I ask for and order anything I want in Italian at this point…in the store or at a restaurant. I have to admit to that being a victory for me. And each and every day I am learning new words to add to my vocabulary. I was happiest when locals read my writing and exclaim how well I am doing and that I write very clearly in Italian. In fact that makes them treat me like a ringer as they say to me…. “You know Italian…look at this!! They say to others. She does speak Italian!”

     We start off the days now tending to clothes, dishes and then to writing. Spencer has been very focused on his video making and we have been following through now one each for us since last Tuesday when Gabriele taught us how to go about it. It has been a lot of fun though we have had too slow a connection to get much loaded, yet.

     By lunch we have had a lot of fun. I think it is a good life here and now.  We have also taken to watching our videos that are loaded on our computer for media time since we are without any TV here and internet connections are scarce. We found some great videos of us in Columbia and enjoying our life in Santa Cruz that has completely disintegrated. Oddly I found that whole thing reassuring.

     It is a routine. I now have a regular pattern to living here and that suits me fine. I have already decided that we are coming back to  this perfect town and appreciating our friends here again. This is just too much of a perfect culture and people not to share with my kids, and family back home. 

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