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Thursday, May 24, 2012

18 Back Again

     This morning I ran into every traveler’s worst nightmare. It happened to my dad while he was visiting Wales a couple of years ago too. Only my dad cracked his ankle. My reoccurring illness of choice has been tackling me anytime the stakes are high and it always catches me unaware.


     As I unwrapped myself from whatever uncomfortable position I had settled on the night before, I heard the telltale snap of my back letting me know I was in trouble.

     “No!! Not NOW!!” I mentally screamed.

     I held everything in my body in a completely frozen holding pattern. I refused to let my body tell me through the pain how bad this next few days would be.

     I got up carefully….walked around as gingerly as possible…did only what was mandatory and still felt intense spasms at each little cough and shift in my weight on my hips.

     Ugh! Just last night I had been bouncing up and down hopping over learning the Napolitano set of cards here. Now I am stuck in the back bedroom of the house and the cheery church bells are anything but cheery to me today. Now they sound doleful. Right on cue the last clang signals the rain to start and we get a heavy 5 minute downpour…which after Wales isn’t all that bad…but with back pain it doesn’t feel all that great either.

     I knew immediately that I would feel the absence of my Ex fiancé…he was so good at squeezing the pain away with his strong arms…I had a momentary lapse of irritation which I am sure he forgives me for…after all I left a man I trusted completely with my dogs and all my belongings…I fully expected to come home to him…until things changed while I was gone…something I could not control…nor do I think he could either. Anyway a momentary irritation over not having him around went through my mind…then I relaxed…realizing that my belief is that it all works out as it should and we will all wind up OK in the long run. I can’t stand feeling sorry for seems too counter productive…but I am not mad at myself either. I can wallow when I want…there is so much that is really cool about my life now…does it matter if I at least notice when things didn’t go right? In the short run that is….

    We were scheduled to go back into town with the beautiful blond Giselda…my age and cute as a button. I think of her and her husband as completely representing the Italian spirit. She always has lovely blond curls bouncing about her shoulders while he walks with the confidence that I associate with Italian men.

     While in town I was hoping to get some cash for food and internet. Our house was almost out of food and the cash went quick since I spent most of it on material for the church. Without cash we can’t get into town and get cash. We really needed to get in there and hit an ATM. All I had left was 20 Euros and 3.60 was needed to get us tickets for the bus into town. There is no ATM in town here. Also there was the fact that I had invited Gabriele to dinner here.

     I could not move so I sent Spencer into Paolo’s store and told him to spend less then 10 euros. I explained that we needed pasta, fruit and vegetables. He left excited to be roaming around on the rainy morning alone in town.

   He came back in minutes and with everything I had asked and he had brought it all in the reusable ASDA bag that Miss Kimberley in Wales trained us to use to keep from buying bags. Europe has figured out the ubiquitous white bag fiasco that we wallow in back in the US. Every shopkeeper has to charge for bags. Ouch.

     He has gotten so much taller since we left California. His face was radiant with self confidence. I don’t know if it is Italian self confidence or the confidence of someone who knows other cultures aside from  their own very well. I wonder if I have that easy manner that he has developed here. He doesn’t look like the same boy who left SFO airport back in March. Now he is a seasoned world traveler with his feet firmly planted in 3 worlds, the UK, Italy and California back home.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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