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Friday, May 25, 2012

20 Familiarity photo

     I know that the Dogwood trees back in Twain Harte, California should be done with their blooming season and the same with the lilacs in Wales and Sonora, California but here in the Abruzzo area there is a familiar flower I see on many of the bushes near the house….the Elderberry. They are called Samucco here in the dialect of the Abruzzo and now the Elderberry should also be coming out in lovely Jamestown, California. As I look at the clumps of white flowers I am reminded of a walk along Tabletop Mountain that my friend Donna would walk with a group of us morning hikers. She stopped near the bush as she told us how great they are to use for making Elderberry pancakes. She would break off the entire head of flowers and dips them in a pancake that had already been poured into the pan for cooking.

     Here, in Italy, I haven’t made one pancake, though we loved having them daily with our Little Welsh Dragon and our Miss Kimberley in Wales. The chilly weather…the family companionship there is a stark contrast to life here.

    Spencer and I have more friends in the Abruzzo area then we do at our home in Santa Cruz…and I thought we had a lovely group of friends there. We have many people we hang out with and we have many friends drop by to say hi.. I know we are going to be very sad the last day here. We are going to miss all the people here. Since I live a life of student’s poverty there is no telling when we will be back. Funny though, Spencer and I are already planning our next Italian trip. We know how many beds this house has and have figured out how to divide it amongst our small family and their mates. We have been planning out how we can hit Harrison and Brittany’s interests in Italy in order to make sure that they each have their Italian experience reach optimum potential. We know we can make Gordon happier if he is not worried about housing every day like we had to consider during the first two weeks of Italy when we went on a whirlwind through the area. This would be a great home base!

     It is amazing how Stefano’s kind sharing of his friends before he left has given us a trail of buddies to help us socialize in this faraway home. I sure hope we can talk some into coming to California, like we did Miss Kimberley.

    Last night at dinner, our friend Cherubino dropped in. Both Spencer and I were delighted to see him come around the corner!! We were in the midst of woofing down our haul from the fish man….clams over pasta. We were eating way too early for Italians. Our timing threw him off since he was visiting exactly when he should have been.

    Cherubino had come over to invite us on a trip over to his daughter’s place in Urbino. We are so excited! We get to meet one of his daughters. Cherubino is a patient and highly effective communicator. I can see why all of his children have done so well in college life, scoring very high on every test. He makes concepts clear with his face and his and movements. His wife is a calm and easy going woman who makes you feel appreciated without a lot of words needing to be said. The couple remind me of my friends back home Ann and Mike. Ann is the same sweet feeling person while Mike has the power to make sure things happen. Both Mike and Cherubino are highly successful people. Even California Mike walks with the same cool confidence that all the Italian men here walk with….sort of a pure gait in their walk. It can only be described my me as looking like they have a clue.

     Today we also have plans to invite Gabriele to dinner or out to dinner. He is our family away from home here…

    I think my sisters would be so proud to imagine me having friends that I am eating with and hanging out with here in this wonderful Disneyland that is real. Spencer likens our life here to a program we got into before we left Once Upon a Time. Every one here seems to be a character from Disney. Francesca, the Bar keep is an older version of Snow White. Everyone loves her and her family.  Paolo is a happy version of the character Jimminy Cricket, if he had a family and a beautiful Italian wife. 

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