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Friday, May 18, 2012

9 Airport Life is Not Strange

9 Airport Life is Not Strange

     Spencer and I have been talking about it and to survive a day of flying, you need at least $50 or your current currency and $50 of the currency you are going to next. We figured this out by spending a lot of time in airports and finding that when your flight keeps getting delayed it is nice to eat another meal as you wait.

     We also figured out on Pasqua (Easter) that it is important to buy your ticket a week ahead of time and hit some imaginary “confirm” button. Lufthansa’s snotty attendant in the airport at Firenze taught us this as she smugly insisted we pay 3 times the amount with an air of arrogance that made me cry. She could not explain why the internet felt that it was set in stone enough to charge the account. Either way her rude treatment turned out to be the exception since the Lufthansa people were charming everywhere else we went with the airline.

      At Heathrow airport, (which looks just as cool as it did with the kid running through it in the movie Love Actually), we figured out that we could change our seats for the better. When we were at the automated ticket dispenser, you simply take your time and switch to better seats that are available. Spencer sat from then on at a window with me beside him. Now we had control over our view and our environment. All arranged at the last minute! One of the people behind us in line wound up beside me in a seat on the aisle. He was a handsome 30-ish year old gentlemen who made me wish my Welsh Miss Kimberley had been here. Unmarried and dashingly dressed, he explained that this is his regular commute…into Germany 5 days a week, this technology expert flies from the UK to Munich daily with weekends free. I could see him being happy with my beautiful Welsh cousin/niece.

     Spencer also figured out that on the plane if you want something, ask for it. He was very excited when he wound up with 2 drinks instead of one. The cups are small, but there is a thrill about getting two choices instead of committing to one alone.

     We also figured out that if your flight is big enough and long enough, you get to watch movies…we really liked that!

     We also found that the flights were based on the culture of our plane. When we were on AirFrance the first language spoken over the loud speaker was French and the food was French. The German airline spoke German first and had German food which we found fascinating. They gave us strange barley and vegetable mixtures and sandwiches flavored with mustard on pumpernickel that were very tasty!

      It is a lovely rainy afternoon here as we wrote and discussed this piece. We have no internet or TV here but have been using our computer’s music we had stored on our Itunes section. We have the music to Disney’s Enchanted movie and let me tell you there is nothing more magical then James Marsden’s rendition of “That’s Amore” while in the Abruzzo area where every day makes me feel like I am all starry eyed and in love. Spencer has made a fire in the stove here and I can’t help but feel like we might be world travelers now. We are anthropologists inside and out since the strange is no longer strange but feels like it is normal. Even Airline culture is normal.

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