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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Abruzzo...che bello!!

     The bells ring randomly throughout the morning, as life meanders on in the tiny town that Spencer and I find ourselves in located in the Abruzzo area of Italy.
     I am writing this on the terrace behind the villa that Spencer and I are staying in for one month. My view is the ruins of a monastery and some snow capped mountains that are wreathed in clouds and called Gran Sasso here. That is surreal since I am sitting in the sun, sleeveless with cotton fluffs wafting all around me from the trees.

     My family hasn't had any contact from me since yesterday so my most urgent need is to get access to the internet. Second we need to let everyone know our access will be drastically reduced. I actually think I am thinking of dropping all my courses due to lack of access to the information in them.

    Usually I pour over the info in all my courses at least 2 times. I know I cannot even begin to do it here. I have gotten essays turned in (perfect score!), and a midterm complete with a proctor paid for in the UK. I am on week 6 of a 10 week schedule yet....I want to BE AN ANTHROPOLOGIST this month instead of reading about it from a people from a book.

     I am surrounded by incredible hikes, people, towns and pets. To have my nose buried in a computer...a computer I have no internet with...well it seems like idiocy.

     Last night I went to sleep hearing the criticisms of an angry man who told me I was making an idiot of myself and that everyone thinks I am stupid. At that moment, I knew he was right...and I felt very stupid...

     He didn't mean it though and I woke knowing that I did not mean it either. Yes, this might be stupid...but it is also one of the most brilliant moves of my life.

     I know it is time to do or die, sink or swim...."just jump in...what are you waiting for?" the silky voice of wisdom sings in my ear...and I know that when I go into town today I am going to do just that.

      I am quitting my classes and just jumping in for one month.

     Even if I am making the mistake of my life...AGAIN...I plan on doing it with gusto!

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