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Monday, May 14, 2012

If you Take All The Wine….

14 Maggio, 2012

      If you take all the wine I have ever drank in my whole life and put it all together it would not even begin to match what I have managed to enjoy during this 3 weeks of being in Italy…if we count the first 2 weeks when we figured out that wine was cheaper then soda.


     I have to say that I feel like I am in the Bishop’s Wife, an American Christmas movie from the 1940’s. In it there is a wonderful character called “The Professor. ” His bottle of wine gets effected by the angel played by Cary Grant, and suddenly it is an endless bottle of wine. The professor notices and explains the effects of the wine are “remarkable as well for it warms, it enriches conversation but it does not inebriate…” Wine here seems to be like this…I feel more aware them I have ever felt and I have no sense of dullness that I usually associate with a slightly tipsy feeling of drunkenness. I am completely floored by the difference in the quality of life here. I am not sure though if it has to do with having wine with lunch and dinner which seem to be a good chunk of the day, since meals here are luxuriously slow. I guess a better question is, am I drunk? Or have I finally figured out how the whole drinking thing really works for the rest of the world. I have never been comfortable drinking since I am obsessed with control over myself.


     This is especially touching for me since I am grappling of issues dealing with an alcoholic. Are he and I at opposite ends of the life balance when it comes to alcohol? Does he need to learn to walk away and do I need to learn to loosen up?

     I have no idea where the answers lie but I do know that I feel more understanding of alcohol and its good side now then I ever have before…it is not that I am against it in any way…I just never really felt much excitement about a glass of wine…but now that it has become such a large part of my experience here…it feels like I am becoming more understanding of the idea of “spirits” and wine being in the same context.

    For now though, I think when I get home…I am going to opt for a stock of wine in the house for guests. It just seems right.


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  2. I love a good glass of wine...not for the sake of getting drunk but for the relaxation, conversation and friendship that usually comes with it!
    having a good wine cellar is very important if you are to be an adult child of the world!