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Monday, June 4, 2012

26 Side Stories Going On

     I have had a couple of snags on the altar cloth for the church. Remember? I volunteered to sew something to honor the Madonna that touched me so deeply  a few weeks ago here in the town church?  There was the problem of needing to borrow an altar cloth they already have to make sure I had the measurements right as I cut out the new cloth. I wrote it out while my back was in pain in both Italian and Spanish since the priest here speaks Spanish as well. After I finally got to the church at the right time I found myself totally confused by the conversation taking place. Apparently there was a problem with the altar cloth and me. I don’t know if it was the borrowing that was my problem or what but I was shown a complicated sewing job where a filament of thread was pulled out of the edging and the edges folded over and aligned with it. This is not an easy method for even the professional seamstress and I had only seen it done once, and that was here in Italy at the fabric place I bought the linen from in Teramo.

      Also I translated linen as the material but maybe it was supposed to be cotton. The ladies almost seemed to be arguing over something and more then one looked at me uncomfortably as if they were embarrassed. I don’t know what was said for sure but I wanted to do all I could to make this cloth right, since now it also symbolized a chance to leave something for the people I love here so much. At that point, I think I agreed to doing the work with the complicated filament-removed style. Then they took the cloth and washed it for me. I wasn’t sure if they even wanted me to work on it anymore, to be honest. A few nights later one of the ladies kindly showed up at the Bar and dropped off the cloth.

    I spent a day ironing during the thunderstorm and 4 more days trying to pull out the single filament on the cloth…on just ONE edge. After a week I had to admit that though I feel I can see fine work without my contacts in…my eyes, are almost 50 years old. Here I was trying to hand sew in a technique that I had only seen and my eyes were not up to the task.

    Today I get to visit the church and Bar and relay the honest truth. I can sew it in simple style and be done before I leave…this more complicated way though, I cannot guarantee ever finishing. I have to remind myself I already spent 60 Euros on this project. It is OK if they say they will find someone younger who can sew in the tiny old fashioned every 5 strings of linen style, or I can do it the simple sew the hem method.  I must admit that I absolutely dread telling them this, but I am down to my last 2 weeks as of tomorrow and much of the last week will be getting geared up for leaving again.

      In the meantime the mornings are warm here and the afternoons are a deluge of exciting thunderstorms. Spencer and I have a regular habit now of gathering the chairs from outside and pulling them right next to the door along with the table. We pull a blanket over both of our laps as we watch the clouds build up over the mountains, getting darker and darker until they are close to us. Afterward comes the inevitable gusty winds where we can watch and sometimes see distant lightening as it works towards us until we can hear the thunder.

     This causes a flurry of activity around the town as everyone pulls in all the brightly colored tablecloths and clothing from the dryer lines outside.

      Our favorite part of this pattern is the deluge of water that seems to drop all at once, sometimes peppered with hail. All the locals say that this is unusual and that the weather is always warm from April on. I haven’t even pulled out my sundresses yet and Spencer and I are only 2 weeks from returning to California. Back in Wales, our relatives have also kidded about us being “weather jinxes” since they had unseasonable rain that lasted until the day we left. Before us and after our departure, they had warm weather.

     I am not sure what to think. I am finding that Spencer and I are really missing our family and friends back home but we had alot of fun in Wales and here in Italy. I am going to have a hard time leaving. It was very hard leaving Miss Kimberley and the Welsh family and I think it is going to be very hard leaving our really wonderful friends here, Francesca and Adriana, Gabriegle, and our other Gabriele, our bus buddy who takes the same “Pullman,” or bus into town with us.

     I decided that it was time to figure out possible details on the last leg of our trip that can bring us into the last 3 days before we land at SFO. Oddly enough it was strange to pull out my worn tickets that were handed to me on February 12 back at the travel agent’s place in Santa Cruz, (Santa Cruz Travel-Teresa’s part of everything worked out excellent so I can vouch for Teresa and Santa Cruz Travel as being the only way to go!!).

     I felt myself feel a bit calmer going over the details of the tickets home. We must get to the Airport before 7 am. We know that airport really well and are quite comfortable with where we are even going to eat breakfast! We reach Paris by lunch and eat there. And oddly after leaving Paris at 1,30 in the afternoon, we are supposed to travel over 11 hours and land at San Francisco Airport just in time for dinner!! Gaining back our 9 hours we lost when we left will catch up with us on the flight. I am a bit nervous about whether they are even feeding us much. I hope so. I like to eat during 10 hour stretches of awake time. I am figuring they must have something practical set up. We haven’t been on a flight yet, no matter how small that forgot to feed us.


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