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Thursday, June 7, 2012

28 Midnight Surprise

     One night I heard something before the moon came up. It was pitch black outside as I threw open the front door. My heart was pounding from having jumped up out of bed so quickly but the calm scene outside did not reflect what I had expected. There were no wild creatures or cat fights to break up but instead I saw surprising and silent flickering lights flitting through the yard.

     Now my whole life I have wanted to see fireflies. I had no idea where they actually dwell. They just show up in stories about the south or what looks like the Midwestern US. I had no idea they might be here in Europe!!

     I traveled to New Orleans and my only regret was being told that I was too early in the springtime to see the fireflies there.

     I watched here in Italy as the two lights danced and zoomed about, sparkling in and out. When they disappeared, I went back to bed vowing to see them the next night.

     I of course, forgot all about them.

     After Spencer and I did our nightly Sudoku puzzle that his sister gave to him for the trip, we went to sleep, before the sun had even finished setting here.

     In the dark part of the night, I was roused again by animal sounds to find myself staring at the yard outside again. I found the same 2 fireflies fitting around marvelously.

      This time I called Spencer outside. He popped awake and was out with me in an instant! This time the two of us ventured to the edge of the yard, the wall…that is where we usually sit and just appreciate the view. When we reached the view of the small clearing under our terrace we were shocked at how beautiful the view was over the edge! We were staring at hundreds of fireflies silently flying about. It was as magical as having Tinkerbell bring all of her friends for a visit! We were clearly dumbfounded! They flew between trees and through low bushes looking absolutely wonderful.

     I ran and got us each a sweatshirt so we could stay out for a while since it was cold.

     The little creatures, with their light up rear ends are called lucciole here according to our dear friend here who seems to know everything.  They were in a state of movement so it made the flickering even more difficult to monitor with my eyes. I think I made it seem even more dazzling then Christmas lights. We were spellbound for a full 30 minutes when the cold wound up driving us inside.

     Tonight we are tempted to sleep outside and just watch the lights come out after dark down there. Better then watching he stars appear back home I’ll bet….

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