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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Spenchere e io siamo il tempo della nostra vita. Carla e Francesca ci fanno sentire sicuri e sani di mente qui. Ieri Spenchere ha veduto la dottoressa....e lei dice Spenchere ha tonisille!! 

Per mi, ha senso per che Spenchere si fa un sacco di rumore russare durante la notte.

Grazie molto la dottoressa!! E Francesca e Carla per aiutareme quando io sento paura. Voi essere molto bone amiche!!

This has not been written carefully so it might not last...but Spencer was diagnosed as having tonsillitus yesterday and it was a bit rough except for the wonderful help of my friends here...I have to admit that Italy is much better then America. We would have never gotten a doctor to visit us at home...and take care of everything in minutes. He could have even gone to the ospedale!! Why did my school charge me alot of money for health insurance I wonder?

I thought I was just finding out what medicine to ask for in town for his allergies...but he has been making so much noise at night...his snoring has been louder then loud!! Now I know why!! He has been very uncomfortable! Poor thing!

Thanks to my good friend, Francesca and her daughter, Carla...and all the other mothers here...Spencer is fine and dandy today and was able to go for a walk with only one sneeze here!!

And the wonderful doctor here has 2 daughters studying medicine in the states...

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