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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Story of 3 Wives and a Husband



     While in Wales I lived a dream for most women. Once we women have a home and responsibilities we are forever running behind. We love our responsibilities because they are all part of nurturing those we love, but we are also never finished like those who have a desk that is empty of tasks by quitting time.


    But living with my Miss Kimberley I found myself in a wonderful balance. She was far younger then me, a single mom with a vivacious and intelligent 4 year old. She had a wonderful order to things and a rhythm that was rich and satisfying.


     I loved living in Wales and just being in her house. My romantic relationship went very sour while I was there from my perspective but her practicality and outlook helped me to see the humor in the situation.


     I also loved the way we were always on top of things. The balance was right with 2 women taking cares of two boys in a 3 bedroom house. We always were caught up on cooking, dishes, washing the clothes and tidying the house.


     I think our homes can become unwieldly with chores piling up and jobs never complete. I have never found myself really caught up like I did while with Miss Kimberley.


     I now find myself living with a couple who have a loving and positive relationship and household. For me, it is also tremendously important to walk away with what I learned from Kimberley and carry it into my fresh life here in the states. I now know that being fiercely independent was not necessarily the best way to view living arrangements since I am so happy living in this harmonious lifestyle with my buddies.


    Thanks to Miss Kimberley I knew that it would be easy to live with another woman but it is amazingly healthy to find myself living the adult version of having a brother and a wife.


     Ann is also a better housewife then I am, like Kimberley. I am eating excellent healthy and fun food every day under her happy roof. I also am feeling as nurtured and cared for as I did with Kimberley. I have come home to find some of my clothes folded!! Having a wife simply rocks. There is always the fresh smell of food in the air when I come home. My 11 year old is happy and well adjusted since Ann, Mike and James cannot help but chit chat with him and enjoy his company even though I have made it clear that they does not have to pamper him while I am at work.


   I have to say that having a husband/brother around who is not mine is actually a lot of fun too. Mike is always ready to verbally jab me into thinking about things in ways I do not always do.


    Today after laughing while watching a humorous show with both Ann and Mike…I realized that my life would have been completely different had I been raised alongside him as his sister…he countered in his typical masculine style with the quip, “Well, you’d be more interesting!”


      I found my own voice saying, “And I would have been a lot stronger too….” It is hard to believe now that I am happy and confident and living with such security and that immediately after Europe…back in late July, I was suicidal and actually quite close to taking my own life.

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