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Friday, December 28, 2012

An Early Morning Rendezvous


I am in pain from the same illness that made it so I could not work.


But gosh, who cares? I just had the greatest morning and it is only 9 am in the morning.

I was able to take a long difficult night of painful sleep and turn it into an advantage. I was up and ready and my new romantic interest was as well... I was showered and dressed and I have to say I even looked nice by the early morning meeting time at a coffee house. No heels, but business-y nice.


It was strange to be in person since we have been in the habit of communicating via phone so we can be with our children as much as possible. Already I find his priorities in order.


He was adorable and we were meeting before the kids wake up....


Mine sleeps in until 9 am…so I was home before my youngest was stirring...but the conversation today was warmer inside a building instead of via cell outside in the chill winter air. I have been in the habit of talking to him so intently while I am outside that I have been unaware of the cold or the sun even rising...he is so fascinating.


In my little county it is not typical to find a man who has a history of world travel, college frat life, and who also knows some good hikes from here to the top of the pass as well.…lots for me to be excited about.


Gotta say it feels alive to be able to find someone who has alot of the same interests I my own little corner of the world.


The other morning at home, Mike caught the dog and I, out in the windy, freezing, cold morning shivering outside the door. I had my cell glued to my ear, the dog was curled up in a shivery ball on the cement at my feet. He tried to talk us into going inside where the house is warm with radiant heating but the dog wanted to stay where I was and I wanted to be able to talk as inanely and foolishly as possible, without being heard.


Not only did I find our conversation electric…but I was whacked with Mike’s good humored texts during the middle of our chat.


“INDOORS?? What a concept…”


“Small but visible signs of growing up. I’m so proud!”


Why does it seem like good cheer is still all around even after Christmas….?



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