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Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Confusion of Simplicity

I find myself feeling completely baffled.

I spent over $1000 on a class with Oregon State University to take an Economics class to find information on how to improve an economy. I am interested in how our economy fell apart in 2008, and what factors led to a collapse of an old network of protections against a Depression." Remember, I am a Foreclosure Victim, who relishes the idea of getting back into the system to "fix" what I view is a broken economy. I also am VERY interested in Developmental Economics so I can find useful information about what has worked to make previously poor countries suddenly wealthy, (think Japan or South Korea).

The class with OSU had a text put together by Greg Mankiw, an advisor to Mitt Romney and a guy clearly in the Bush regime's pocket. I hate to be clinical but I thought he was a jerk. In the class we learned to take as "written in stone" old ideas that didn't work. In fact some of the "free trader" mentalities that his text pushes as "economic law" seem like the same policies to me that gave banks and investment firms free run of the economy and the very tools to collapse the housing market to the point of ruination for me personally.

I got my first and only college "F" in the class.

Now I am in a class that is fun, easy to follow and FREE through an online MOOC, (Massive Open Online Courses).

I have learned so much more then most of my other classes in this course that is relevant to my orignal goals. I want to  make a point of saying this...this course is SUPERIOR in every way to the one I PAID for...PERIOD! The class is EASY for me since it is simply designed and easy to come my out of date, confusingly designed Economics class with OSU cost me so much?

As if that was not confusing enough, why am I not concentrating this morning?

As I study hard this morning with my nose to the grindstone...learning what I find most relevant...all I can think about is the compatibility I had on my date to the snow yesterday. He even invited my dog along, took me out to a nice lunch and we talked and talked AGAIN...he is so easy to talk to, about with...

Everything that comes out of his mouth is incredibly compatible with work...why do I feel so confused when being with him is so simple?

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