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Friday, January 18, 2013

As If I Had Time....

The precise term escapes me but I feel like I am "careening" towards something fun and I have less control then I ever imagined I did. I have the illusion that having my hands on the steering wheel makes me think I am the one choosing my direction but even that feels like an illusion to me at this moment in time.

I am living with friends who are kind enough to put me up and put up with me...and be lots of fun to boot. I am working away on my classes with my nose in a book at 3, 30 in the morning to make sure I have something done before the household wakes up...and especially before my son hops out of bed.

On my best days I get in a walk with Ann, Spencer and the dogs. I get to watch Jon Stewart with Mike or talk to him before he goes to work. I get to read the political arena's happenings and study, study, study with Spencer and alone on my own work for college.

But now there is a romance that squeezes in there too.

And he doesn't come alone. He comes with 2 awesome, funny, quick thinking kids...which makes it even more fun.

While we have been getting to know one another, (sort of funny to say since we have been friends since September of 2011), there seems to be two versions of what we are. One, where we are a couple figuring each other out and finding an incredible amount of honesty and ease and sparks and affection. We spent along weekend together luxuriating in staying in.

The other version of us is the couple who loves to be with other people. He is as family oriented as I am and I love how easy it is to play alongside him with the kids. We have been to the snow together..Santa Cruz Boardwalk, the movies, eaten out, eaten in, visited relatives and played games at his house. He feels so good.

He gets it. He gets me. Well, I think he gets me.

Gosh what a blast!

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