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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crime Beat Reporter....

So I have always had this fantasy of being a journalist.

It is real and does something and comes with a certain status in our world since Woodward and Bernstein made all reporters sort of an icon of honesty in a world gone supposedly dishonest!

One of my favorite old movies is His Girl Friday, a Cary Grant movie, about an editor who does not want to lose his ace reporter, and ex wife.

That is my fantasy. My boyfriend, upon hearing I had applied for a crime beat reporter's position, commented on how "sexy" it sounded.

I had to admit that I agreed. It is always a huge plus to know you can do something and if there is one thing I can do it is write.I have always been a writer. Often no one was interested in what I was writing but all the same I know I write well.

I can do dry and precise with little emotion. I can do sweet and I can do funny. And I can write in journalistic style...basic facts.

Anyway, after the Emergency Room and before the million other activities of the past few days, I woke early, at 4 am and found myself checking ino jobs that would keep me close to the man I am now in love in my hometown.

It was a perfect job for me....Crime Beat Reporter for an internet group that other news agencies use to access the outlying areas and their arrest records. I can stay healthy since it did not require standing for hours with a long line of people who needed to be waited on. I can make sure I get mugshots and records and stil take care of myself...

I had attached my Occupy ethnography I had written for a class. I had interviewed officials for it, like the mayor of Santa Cruz and also garnered stories from many members. I had a couple of samples of my writing.

The next day I was delighted to find my prospective employer had read my blog!

Now I am waiting for paperwork to become a crime beat reporter!! I want to wear one of our family fedoras!! And a pencil behind one ear!!

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