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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dinner and a Movie, Auld Lang Syne Style


     When my date came to pick me up from my house, (Make that Mike and Ann’s place), on New Year’s Eve, I had already been dressed for hours. For a real date, (to be honest…these are rare and far between for me) I had bought special underwear, (to reduce any lines in my dress), and fresh mascara and eye liner. I had even tried on a few dresses before choosing my black English heels and a smooth lined burgundy dress. I had been careful to make sure that I had actually applied foundation to my face, which is usually something I never get around to doing. Basically I went “all out” for this date.


     He made it worth every moment by caring about how nice I looked. Even though he had been busy with huge and important activities all day, he had gone out of his way to keep me posted on the countdown to getting ready too. I smiled when he sent me a text about getting the reservations at the restaurant he wanted.


     When he arrived to pick me up he found me with Mike and Ann by the bonfire. They had been building it for the party they suddenly found themselves hosting. The front of my legs, which faced the fire practically roasted while the backs of them were blue with the chilly, icy evening air.


     I was swept off my feet and found myself in a favorite restaurant that he somehow magically divined as a place to take me.


     Everything was perfect…the conversation….the honest openness. I know more then once I found myself raining on my own parade by feeling paralyzed with fear. I can feel it deep inside. Mike, always rather astute, even said it aloud to me, “You sound like you are starting to fall for this guy, Terri”.


      The fact that I felt fear told me oodles about my own intimacy problems but it could not seem to squelch the much more powerful layer of blissful, playful, fun I was experiencing on the evening.


    We talked for so long. I could talk about anything and everything. He did not always understand my take but he carefully considered everything crazy that came out of my mouth with an open mind, and oddly, with an open heart. This was a far cry from the off-the-cuff rejection I had grown accustomed to in my last 4 year long romance. It was funny how much he got out of me by asking lots of questions about my take on things.


    He said it was so “easy” to be around me. I guess it has been awhile since I have been with someone who was so like minded. The last guy I was with had many similarities but oh, so many more differences, that I think I had grown accustomed to a much more tactical, if not hostile attitude towards romantic partners. This night I was suddenly in an environment that required no pre-planning or carefully thought out structure in my verbalizing. I could just be in the moment in ways I had not been romantically for a long time and it was incredibly freeing.


    I found myself laughing harder and longer then I have in a long time. I also couldn’t help but feel shock and surprise at how relaxing it is to be with someone who said things I was thinking so often. As a psychic, I am used to living in a world where I am alone in reaching out to try to make the other person feel understood and appreciated. Yet with no obvious effort, this guy repeatedly expressed exact words I was already thinking in my head as if he was in their with me. Now I know why I unnerve people so often.


     In the movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray’s character spends months reliving the same day over and over. Since he is in love with a girl he works with in that specific day, he spends his days memorizing everything she likes, wants and needs. By the end of the movie he has turned into her perfect guy since he has built up many of the same interests through living and enjoying them for so long.


    This date seems to have been living his own life but coincidently he has experienced many of the same things I have…and what we don’t share in common we seem willing to explore with conversation…sort of sharing our separate interests. That makes this guy thrilling to say the least.


     We were so preoccupied at the stroke of midnight on this New Year’s date, we had not even noticed though we were wide awake. Now that’s the way I want to bring in EVERY New Year. What a blast!


  1. I am so jealous you had such an awesome date on new years eve when i was home alone :(
    I hope things progress anazingly with this very guy because you deserve a very happy ending xx

    1. Thanks Kim...he sure made me feel amazing...his smile drives me wild too...but then if I start gushing I could go on for a loooong time...