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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Older...but not always wiser...

     I had been stumbling through a rough day in which I argued with my new handsome and kindly boyfriend and tried to figure out if I am as mature as I was at 20 when I was successfully involved with a man who was as young and naive as I was...and we always got along...we argued but we always tried to love the other one the whole time...fighting while you love the other...makes a fight less gritty and ruthless...more playful and livable. We never crossed first and I...we never went to bed angry at each other...we fought through whatever was on the agenda as if our very life depended on it.
     Now it seems like too much work...even if I really do care for the guy...I am older now and a little more beaten down by life's inevitability. I have seen relationships come and go and it seems easy to let go if he is willing to let go...a sad truth..age and wisdom added together do not always equal happiness.
     At the end of the day though I was happy to be headed over to his place with my dog, Samara in tow...As I drove along our backwoods roads to his house.


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