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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


So I got sick again on Saturday...not a big deal but it reminded me of why I am no longer a Supermarket Checker.  I have a problem that requires me to use the restroom or risk lots of pain...I was feeling great so I moved a few boxes with Ann and Mike. They did the bulk of the work yet by the drive home I was hurting something awful. I went home and put on my hotpad and popped some Tylenol, hoping it would relieve me enough to make it to my boyfriend's house later on that evening.

I wound up driving myself instead to the hospital. I hurt too much to make it to his house in Columbia or even back to my house.

I sent out a blanket text to my family, sniveling in the lobby next to a young girl who was cradled in her mom's arms.

I had been having fun hours before because I was with Ann and Mike...but it sure felt different now. I just wanted the cramps to go away.

When I got set up in the private section with the curtain drawn I curled up in a ball, crying and wishing I weren't all alone. I closed my eyes as I read my Cultures in Conflict textbook I had brought along for company.

I think I was lightly dozing when I heard footsteps really close. I looked up to find my new boyfriend there. Then I started really crying. I felt such relief. He was watching my son so I did not even think it was an option.What a pleasant surprise!!

A few minutes later I was shocked to hear my mom's voice in the hall. I started to cry again. I always feel relief when I hear or see my mom and dad. Dad was stuck out in the lobby though. So it was mom who was negotiating a packed hallway to find where I was located at now.

It is funny how when you have company you suddenly feel so much better. I tried to remember why I had told mom and dad not to bother coming down. It meant so much to see mom and Joel I realized that maybe it was just plain stupid to not jump on the easiest way to feel better.

Mom visited for a bit then left to relieve dad who was probably unnerved by sitting in a lobby full of coughing people.

After a battery of blood and urine samples, I was given a pain reliever in my IV.

I was shocked at how quickly the room started reeling and spinning. I could not even walk to the car. Or focus my eyes on an object.

Thank Goodness he and mom showed up! He was stuck with the dubious task of taking me home and getting me to sleep. I remember his voice singing to me in his perfect pitch while my eyes opened and closed at will.

I felt like I got a huge window into what a good guy he is...not a word of complaint as he called my family members to explain what the medical people had said.

I had to look at him at one point and see that not only is this guy fun and really good at making me laugh, but he is a natural at making even a miserable moment easy. Wow. I realized that this guy is exactly what I wanted and needed. Amazing! Like he was tailor made for me!

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