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Friday, February 1, 2013

A Lack of Comfort...

You know I have a theory that it is not right to print one's own perspective since our own way of viewing things is not everyone's way of viewing things.

Sometimes though I might take being fair a little too far. I wrote to him just as I have my previous boyfriends if I am writing about them. This latest boyfriend told me that it was up to me what I print so I should just print without checking with him.

I worry about everything...what if his daughter reads my blog? What if his sister?

But after this last one he irritatingly sent me a text which said, "I already answered that."

So I decided it was completely appropriate to write my point of view without his input...even though I would have honestly preferred to write fairly what both sides's fine this way...but I checked it with my Ann-Girl first...

And I tried to be honest and fair...but the previous entry is about my perspective...and you have to remember these things run a day behind my emotions...I am much further along now...very into my son being home and schoolwork...and the party we found ourselves invited to tomorrow...

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