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Friday, February 22, 2013


Usually I don't endorse much here on this blog...just me and my slightly raw emotions rolling out in a stream that moves in fits and jerks...but I had a pair of earrings...the most vibrant blue...and some silver moons...they made me feel good...they weren't too big, (though let's face it... I love huge earrings!) but they always felt so nice...

I eventually left them somewhere and I have often thought of them...I found out today she sells the stuff...after years of not having them...I just figured out I can replace them...just i ncase you are is the link to these lovely creations...

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  1. Oh, Terri, you flatter me. I'm actually excited to get a new set of earrings on you. I have grown, matured (as an artist anyway), and embraced a different kind of happiness that all my pieces exude. Those pieces knew they belonged with you... knowing that they still mean so much to you is a special type of icing on my day.
    I've always been one to reward loyalty, so if anyone who places an order mentions Terri, I'll make it well worth finding us. Thank you for helping to make my world of scarves, shawls, earrings, and all things hemp a little more public.

    Wrapped Together Jewelry