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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Home Style Sandwiches...

Spencer and I were driving along our Tuolumne county backroads...and laughing about our adventures this year...we have been around this year...we have eaten in 4 European countries...and our favorite paninis are in Schnoogs coffee place in Sonora...where the locals go eat. They have paninis that have carefully toasted bread and plenty of meat or cheese or vegetarian accoutrements...Spencer and I went on a laughing discussion of how great all the food was in Europe...except the paninis....we had to come home for the best toasted sandwiches.....they were here at home...after living in Oregon, Santa Cruz and Salinas and Monterey...we found the best paninis were here in our lovely backwater.

In the car I slipped into Italian as I pretended to look at an invisible sandwich while driving, "Dove e il carne? O il formaggio? Dove e il pomodori? O Mozzarella?" Where was the meat, cheese, tomatoes and Mozzarella?...Sonora.....California.

It was funny how lacking in meat, cheese, tomatoes and mozzarella their delicate little finger sandwiches travel can teach you to appreciate some things at home more then you might have...

Everything else was an incredible nice to eat...even the simplest cookie was amazing in Italy...but it is be home...and enjoy the chilly home...

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