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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Snow Day!!


I stayed at Joel's and used his internet since my internet has been having serious issues at my home. There are times when it actually has been so slow that I have spent weeks waking in the middle of the night to do some of my college work in order to keep up. Because of this even my middle of the night romps were not keeping me up to speed on my studies.

So it does not seem out of line for me to use his internet when he is at work during the day.

That was why I was at his house today. I had gone out before lunch to do my reporter's job of turning in statistics from the sheriff's department and then I came home to study as much as possible.

I fell asleep watching a documentary I was actually quite interested in. The Ascent of Money. The author is my age and titled it as a twist on Jacob Bronowski's Ascent of Man series from the 1970's.

My daughter called around 2 in the afternoon to warn me I had 15 minutes before the storm would hit me soon. She said that in Angels Camp the weather had been a light rain but switched to heavy snow in minutes. She said that it took 15 minutes before the roofs were white and the street pavement too. "When it hits, it will hit fast."

I looked at the light rain outside and thought it did not seem cold enough for snow, but I shrugged and started a hot pot of soup with water and vegetables from the freezer. She can often times be exactly right.

I also moved some laundry around.

Then I saw movement outside the window. It was snowing hard with big fluffy flakes.

Within a half an hour we had 2 inches. And it was still going strong!

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