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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What Nice People!

I found myself stuck in the neighborhood watching their inner workings and figuring out that these were just really nice people.

I walked my black and white dog...or to put it more honestly, she walked me, around the neighborhood. I have been the outsider since I have only been visiting, but everyone was chit chatty when I took the dog out before the snow...but afterward, it was as if the ghost of Christmas Past had decided to plant himself on today as well. The cheer was infectious as I found myself embroiled in an amazing scene.

All the children and adults filtered back in as the afternoon unfolded and they were thrilled with the weather and the mounting snow. The usual sounds of children outside playing, (and adults talking), in this very social neighborhood were multiplied as everyone seemed to need to be outside in this sudden storm.

As I walked around the loop, I noticed many of the people living here had congregated near the busy road at the entrance to this little dose of suburb in the country.

It warmed my heart to realize that there were about 6 people or more helping the stream of trapped motorists. There was a man directing traffic and many who were pushing cars who were stuck. As I spent hours there hanging out, group after group were pushed, pulled and helped out by this clump of really nice folk. Over and over I feebly jumped in when I could to dig out snow around tires, put down plywood planks and mostly help push the cars. Sometimes I felt I was making a real difference. I knew beyond a doubt that others were making a huge difference.

As we hovered around trying to help the latest group of cars get home, there were young moms bringing the children up to a safe distance to watch and also enjoy the weather.

I have lived in this county for decades so it is no surprise to me that people are nice...but it was a  surprise to me that so many people braved the freezing cold wet weather to just be helpful. I think usually I am holed up in the house making soup or walking the dog in my yard. This showed me that more often then not people are just plain nice.

As the sun started going down and the traffic seemed to dissipate, I talked to a couple who had been out in that storm doing an immense amount of the rescuing I witnessed. They gave me their names so I could quote them in my news story I want to send in. The site I work for might not use it since I am so new...or they might not be interested in this sort of story about nice stuff but I am writing it and sending it in tomorrow anyway. But I just could not get over how this couple sort of represented this little subdivision they live in...they helped a girl who was younger and had to figure out how to put on her car chains in the middle of the street. Out of kindness, they had also been guiding many others over how best to get on their way. He was soaked to the skin within a half hour of me getting to the scene so he must have been cold for hours in his wet sweatshirt. Yet they both lingered around waiting until there was no one left to save.

Aside from this couple, the rest of the team fluctuated and changed as some dropped out to go home and get dressed or take care of their kids. Always a new batch seemed to emerge as new people got home and came out to help.

I thought that sort of says it all about why I am glad to be back home....even if it is not for is still a treat to be here with such nice people!

When it was all said and done I measured 6 inches of snow on the fence post outside!

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