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Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Dark Place Gone Light...

Yesterday I found myself at the DMV. For my international readers I should explain what the Department of Motor Vehicles is to us Americans who spend a lot of time abhorring our very government that we hate and revere all at once.

A Californian worries for weeks before visiting the DMV...fretting about when to squeeze in the trip and knowing that beyond any doubt...there is a miserable time waiting for them at the hands of a government bureau fraught with red tape. I think that is why everyone I know waits until the last minute to deal with anything that deals with the place even though it really holds our most dear possession in a sense...our privilege to drive.

I was fortunate since I was not waiting until the last minute but instead attending to my license renewal which is coming up soon but not today or this month even. I could drag my feet and relax in here.

I walked in and there was a smiling Joel. I know, what is wrong with me? The guy is everywhere. And the hard part is that we always seem to have such a nice time even though we are not a thing anymore. And I am getting geared up to move...there is no chance this is going anywhere...right?

But he was there easy laugh and all. I worked my way through the lines of bureaucracy with a smile and a companion as I found out that my driving record is spotless as car is not in the CA system since it was purchased in Oregon and I made an appointment to take another written test to drive with plenty of time in case I fail to retake the thing.

Usually the room is heavy with anxious people getting ready to part with the ungodly sums us Californians shell out to drive on our roads and pay our officers to ticket us.

Today, though I was tired and overworked on schoolwork and other things...I felt somewhat serene. It could have been sitting next to a guy with a cute smile or it could have been the sheer scope of good things that seems to be dazzling the corners of my vision...but even one of the darker experiences of any Californian's life...a visit to the DMV...seemed...I don't know, fun.

There, I said it. I had fun at the DMV. The guy behind the counter was funny, handsome and nice too. He had remembered me at my supermarket checker job from a few months ago and he was really helpful.

I had to admit it was just really nice to be there.

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