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Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Spring Full of Promise....

I dragged myself out of bed again at 3 in the afternoon.

 I had been up since before 6 am but the bulk of my chores were complete before lunch.

 One of those chores was to follow through with an appointment I made the other day to take my CA Driver's License test. I knew my record was immaculate but I never received a pin number to renew...what with all of my moves lately I figured I just got lost in the shuffle. So here I was all studied up and ready for my test...on the practice tests I had only missed one, but I was still nervous...for school I take many tests a term, but this one is far more important. The privilege to drive is crucial to any CA, old or young, we all take it seriously.

The other most important thing was to take another picture...I have been saddled with a wretched looking, tired faced slog of a picture for a few renewals...I was desperate for a new one. Now people wont comment on all the weight I lost I hope...

I left bearing my new temporary license and the assurance that the new one will be coming weeks before the old one is unusable.

That made me laugh!! I turn 50 in over a month and I finally have dealt with this sort of thing at the right time!! Usually I am racing through this on the last few days...but not this time...give a girl a half a century to learn something and here I am proving it is possible to figure out some stuff!!

And my other big news is that I have been accepted at the only grad school of my choice!! I knocked off all the cool European choices to roll into this old favorite that has been my longtime desire since 1980...

Even though that is what is on my mind...I am dragging myself through a tedious round of slow pokey colds that leave me tired and exhausted after something as simple as a shower.

After a morning of successful endeavors...and a lunch with Joel and my son...I should have been zipping full boar into my last papers for classes I love...yet I fell asleep for an hour while my son played video games with his faraway brother. I fell asleep to him laughing and chattering away with him.

Even though I looked nice today...I dragged myself out for a walk with the dogs, donning a knit cap, big warm boots my sister gave me and my warm OSU sweatshirt...and I still was not warm enough in the sunshine...but gosh is it pretty outside...the grass is green...the breeze was fresh and spring-like and the delicate little buds were popping out on all the hundreds of oaks around the beautiful house.

This spring feels full of promise....


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