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Saturday, March 16, 2013


So I have been adding to my "Dreambook" that I cart around adding new dreams. There are new additions adding my grad school choice and what Spencer and I want our new house and life to look like there along the coast in a new/old favorite town in California.

It was always one of my favorite places to go with my parents when I was little. One of my favorite memories is when dad and I climbed along craggy tidepools, dad toting his ubiquitous camera. My sister, now the blond bombshell, always lagged behind and mom always stayed close by her. She was always so much calmer then I was....

When I am in this old city I feel like I am a new explorer like that kid in my memory. I don't think the version of me exploring alongside my amazingly strong father ever worried about whether she should be right at the forefront with dad or not. She knew she would do fine and she was only there since it was the most interesting place to be at that moment.

I want my now one and only grad choice since I am convinced it is the most interesting place for me to be right now. I think Spencer will enjoy exploring it alone with me. We can have a blast.

They sent me a note saying that I was nominated for scholarships and admission by the committee. I was thrilled by the email. Let's hope that means I am in the realm of making it in, or at least it might be a possibility.

I hate to say it...thinking I might jinx myself, but I feel like it is going to happen....almost as if it was meant to be...I mean I have dreamed of this place since 1981. All the languages and culture. I had a paper I found recently of my old yellowed sheet describing the exciting experience of studying there. I had sent for it in the mail in 1980.

I just have to relax and trust...I chose Arabic as my study language again so here it goes...I spent $45 on Arabic CDs to listen to in the car to rehash what I already know...I am geared up for the jump...just waiting another week for word if I have been accepted...السلام عليكم

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