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Monday, March 11, 2013

Clarity and Smoke....

We just spent 4 lovely days involved with dear friends at the Celtic Faire in Sonora. They loaned me renaissance era clothes and I bought a few pieces and we found ourselves having a true vacation from our own life....what a blast!!

I tried to get an idea of what was important since I have so much on my plate what with moving, school, figuring out transportation and nailing down a good job and home in Monterey. Instead I found myself immersed in Elizabethan Guilds, Pictish Vikings...smoking a fire breathing dragon, (when I flipped a switch the mystical beast's fog machine rolled into fluffy white motion) and spending quality time with my son. What a nice healthy weekend of pure fun.

Since I had to buy a new computer I have had an impossible time getting any video or pictures to there are no cool shots of the fire breathing Welsh dragon yet to share but it is a really nice thing to have  felt such release from all the things that I enjoy but weigh me down to some degree. It makes it all the easier to focus and gain some clarity now as I tackle my school work for a couple of hours before my youngest wakes up.

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