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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Petitioning For More...

Sunday I worked away at school papers. Within minutes after I turned in my written assignment we found out my Ex hubby, one of my best friends was on his way up to hang out with us!! Spencer and I had a great time going to the new Oz movie, (James Franco, the all powerful Oz, looked just like Joel to me), and just being most of our family. After all 4/5 of us were together. My oldest, my youngest, my Ex and I had a blast being glued to one another's side for a couple of days. My older son was too far away to play with us.

We went up to a high country spot we consider to be a sacred family spot...sojourning there for years...petitioning the Universe with scrolls filled with wishes and requests.

This time I had a scroll filled with new requests since all of the old have been granted. After all I am a few short weeks off of another college graduation, I have traveled to some cool places and experienced some awe inspiring changes. It was time to touch bases again.

This scroll, rolled up and wrapped with beaded blue wire, asked for fun ahead, grad school for me and a happy life in our next great adventure.

While I attended to my dreaming the guys indulged in a very wet snowball fight as they walked another nearby summit.

I sat on the throne and marveled at how much the vegetation had grown since I was here least 5 years ago.

I was overcome with peace as the dogs explored the area around. I had the calm feeling it was all going just as planned and that it was entirely possible to have my dreams of being employed soon in a professional position be fulfilled.

I smiled. It would be so nice to be self sufficient financially. And working in a professional capacity.

I also want to buy my own Disney passes and zip down on weekends that I do not have papers due.

I would like a life with comfort and ease...a 3 bedroom house. A decent car to drive that is not only stylish but reliable. To be able to travel for fun too and eat out on occasion.

I don't need a fancy life...just a more comfortable one...and it almost feels like the next logical step.

Now when I do these relaxing lists...I like to go back and change the "wants" to "haves"....

I am self sufficient financially. I have my own Disney passes. I have a life of comfort and ease and a 3 bedroom house. I have a car I love. I travel for fun. I can afford to eat out on occasion.

Then my recipe is to walk away from my prayer and see what happens. I just don't worry about it after that. I kind of feel like when I do I am letting the Universe figure out what is next...and at its pace I seem to wind up doing just fine.


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