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Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Website Is Back Up....

I got up and at 'em early today to make my website. is now working but I don't have any of my books on it yet. I have less then 3 weeks to earn some money to help me support myself while along the coast at grad school.

If I play my cards right I can put two of my books up for sale and be able to make mostly profit on those to help me make ends meet when I am in school. My big goal is to be able to focus exclusively on schoolwork and home time with Spencer and I am hoping a website can help me market some of my favorite products to boot.

So I hope to buy a cache of jewelry created by my facebook friend that I showcased a few weeks ago....and put them up for sale.and other gifted people who help me stay healthy and surround myself with beautiful things.

I bought my site from with the start of buying my own name. I like to use my name because anyone who knows me knows that. Since my blog uses my name too it really is a matter of consistency. So I plugged in again and bought it for the third time. Next I spent the morning loading my website...writing pieces to set up the background for my two books. One was from before foreclosure...the other is a series of essays about life after foreclosure.

I hope to also sell my favorite books to read....upbeat stuff about keeping in a positive frame of mind and how to manifest your desires.

I am hoping to get many readers off of my facebook as well...need to really focus a bit on pinterest since I have almost nothing on it. And I need to use my google-plus and tweets more as well. I am hoping this all creates a secondary income that will make it so I can afford to do schoolwork on the side instead of a part time job that will pull me away from my studies or my son.

I am not sure how much I can sell but I find that my blog's readership is going through the roof as far as being read by lots of here it goes....wish me luck...

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