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Monday, April 1, 2013

On the Cusp…



So here I am on the cusp of something great, getting geared up for leaving…and in the end being allowed to leave not in a sudden lurch last month but in a more precise manner. I can now move to the coast in an organized fashion, with at least some of my ducks in a row…so you would think.

Yet I have been finishing off term papers (that was soooo last Monday!!),  embroiling myself in a fairly tumultuous yet oddly easy romance, that includes an awesome family along with it…and squeezing in quality time with my 11 year old and today, I start a new term. When did I have a Spring Break? That felt like it was all squeezed into one breath!


Yesterday was simply the most fun I have had on Easter and Easter Eve in a looong, loooong time.

My youngest and I slept over last night at my oldest child’s well appointed apartment…I can hear the hawk’s chicks peeping from a nest nearby and the clock ticking on the wall. My oldest left a bit ago for her long commute to work so it is the dogs, Roxie and Samara, snoring next to me that are my companions as I reflect on my past few days.


One of the reasons I loved Italy so much was the way they had so much lovely ritual in every little moment. My rituals for Easter include dying Easter eggs, hiding eggs that are filled with candy, and as the kids got older…money…but in Italy it included those ubiquitous church bells peeling out their joy all that Easter week.

Easter Eve morning, Spencer and I woke to another child in the house so Spencer went swimming in the pool with her after our long, hot morning walk and he got to dye Easter Eggs with her as well. They both were like peas in a pod…

On Easter Eve…I had the delight of dying the eggs with Joel’s family, playing in the snow up the road, filling Easter eggs with money and candy…and generally having a great time….I went to bed that night wholly happy and satisfied but the kids and I were awoken by the wild intensity of an after midnight lightning and thunder show that was simply awe-inspiring!! It was the day that just kept on giving.


Easter was also equally wonderful. We had a great morning. It was a lot of fun to see the kids go for the 86 eggs that were hidden in the house while the rain poured outside….It was also just plain fun to really enjoy the moment. I was not worried about grades…money, futures or pasts….it was simply living in the here and now.  Somehow Joel managed to squeeze in some awesome romantic moments when we were completely embroiled in kid time.

As if the morning and time with Joel and his kids weren’t present enough for one day I got to have my oldest along with me on the car ride down to my sister’s house in a valley town 1 ½ hours away. It was nice to listen to her perspective on things as I drove.

By the time we made it down to my littlest sister’s spacious abode, we call it the swanky 60’s pad even though it is a design from 1947 and a bit of a historical beauty, I had already lived more than a day it seemed inside of that Easter already.

But it was a beautiful day where we lived our typical Easter of the last decade. Om Easter we always get to see our extended family on my little sister’s side and it is always nice to hang out with them…the only down side is that we don’t seem to get enough time in this one day to make up for the year since we last saw one another and I found my attention span worse than usual as I flitted from one area to another but not making it far around the room.

Excellent food as usual and glorious conversation and then back home for sleep….

Easter is one of my favorite holidays since it is so easy….just relax and feel appreciation in a way…for everything that brings us the life we are enjoying…I can do that….


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