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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Connections.....

When I was little my mom watched soap operas. The dramatic tones of the music seemed to be a soundtrack to my childhood. She was not alone in watching soaps. All of my friends had the same music going on when I entered their homes as well. It gave me continuity. In the suburbs where I was raised I could walk into any of my friend's homes and know where the silverware drawer was....the bathroom...the TVs set in its living room niche. I liked the music of my childhood....a lot.

Sometimes I would sit alongside of her and have a clue as to who was speaking and their context in the multiple storylines playing out in the fake worlds on the screen.

My youngest has also had a tapestry woven through his childhood of a program playing out its storylines complete with dramatic musical scores. My soap opera is West Wing. I love Martin Sheen and could really handle him as a president, though I did find it a statement of American politics that at one point more Americans would have voted for his character on the show as president then the people actually running.

The voices my son hears speak with lots of dialogue and every episode features myriad conversations in spoken in grave tones.

I remember a sense of wishing I could understand all the meanings of the soap operas of my youth but to be honest I barely could correlate names and faces.

Yet West Wing hits so many different levels of my being that I cannot identify them all.

I love the political aspects...the international intrigue and the complex reasoning that resembles a chess game.

A few weeks ago....after at least 5 years of a hiatus...I came back to the West Wing fold. I found myself alone in the house. No one was here...and when browsing through Netflix on my own I had a hankering for political drama.

Perhaps I was connecting my grad school studies with the complex layers of thinking that West Wing had to offer. After all it is a program diagramming out the confident complexities that go on behind each nuance of life in the fishbowl of high level political maneuvering.

Yeah, that was it. I am sure. Yet I voraciously dived into the program watching season 1 episode 1, then the end of the first season...coincidently, (or perhaps it was more then that- some deep-seated subconscious memory) the president gets diagnosed with exactly the same kind of MS that Joel has...

I thought it was strange that I skipped right to the episode where we find out this medical fact about our character.

It strikes me as odd the way one thing leads to another and often unconnected things find they are deeply connected....

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