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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

50 in Style.....

     There are ways to feel like you have had a growth spurt or a change that you can acknowledge in life.

     I just hit one of them....I turned 50 years old. It was a bit of a pleasant shock. I feel like it has made little difference in so many ways, but there are differences none-the-less.

     I can't run as wildly and as free as before. My lower back hurts if I push myself when lifting too much, and when I wear contacts to see faraway, I can't see up close and sew a darn thing.

    I have peppers of shiny tinsel-like grey in my hair that on my Ex husband gives him a celestial appearance in the sunshine since he has so much more.

    I am rounder now an mushy in places I never really was before, no matter what my weight or my condition.

     But it sure is a nice thing to get a perfect 50th birthday party. I celebrated with my Ex hubby who turns 50 in a week. The kids put our surprise camping party between our birthdays since we are only a month apart in age.

To have your kids plan something on your behalf is just nice anyway, but it was really well done and most enjoyable to say the least.  It wasn't a big affair. It was a nice quiet family camping trip to a place we spent so much of our lives. I remember going to Pinecrest when I was in high school with my parents and rowing around embarrassing my sister by using only one row and forcing us to go around in circles. I remember getting locked out of the brand new car while my newborn baby was breastfeeding. My always calm husband took to breaking the key slot in the trunk to get us out of the deep heavy snow conditions and get the baby and I back in the car. My son had carried his little brother around this lake and realized he was growing to be a young man while hiking around this lake in the alpine country of our own Pinecrest.

Now both my oldest were graduates with Bachelor's degrees, throwing their parents a party at a place we all loved. Sure makes you think we celebrated aging together. Lots of people we knew have not made it this far. There were nice people we went to high school with who have been long gone. Death is not something I really think of much though I have been to my share of funerals, but 50 is a time for gratitude if you ask me. I can't help but recognize that even though 50 is not that old, it is not so young that every day is such a given anymore. Now I think I will savor the fact that I am here a bit more.


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