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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cap and Gown....

I am approaching my tasks with an easy feeling today. It is Sunday...a day of rest.

During this week I have an awful lot on my plate for the week. Any one of these things would have been enough to send me into a dither of expectation, planning and follow through back in my old housewife days.

I have a final on Wednesday. I have a long drive and apparent photo shoot on Thursday...about 15 hours of driving on the first leg and probably only 10 hours without stopping on the way down to my next destination on Saturday and Sunday.

On Monday, if I am lucky, I can get to my class with an hour and 10 minute commute by 8:30 am for testing and orientation.

I would love to have a house there then but I am running out of time to arrange one.

The odd thing is that any one of these things would have sent the Housewife version of me into a fit of energy expenditure as I fretted over details. I see that old me as a carpet person laying out large swathes of carpet. I thought that if I planned hard enough, I could nail down any recalcitrant edges trying to lift up in little rolls.

Now I don't see it that way.

I have flopped on my face so many times I am not afraid of public humiliation anymore. It happens.

And if I plan too much I make myself crazy and let's face it, things still go wrong. Now I have this approach that let's me just utter what I want. I nail down what I can and then I expectantly wait and see what unfolds.

I did that with graduation. Well meaning family pointed out that I was too old to need a graduation ceremony. Besides I shouldn't be spending money on that when I have a grad school to get to....

But I bought my cap and gown anyway, months ago. I also signed up for it through the school months ago.

I found out the school had travel awards if I wrote an essay. I won one so I will receive my check when on the campus Saturday.

My kids sound like they can join me in the drive up so I am excited to have anyone who can attend a graduation so far away. It will be about 700 miles one way.

But I am just so excited about going. I get a photo shoot with my youngest son for having been with me through my school experience, with the school springing for it. I might be part of their billboard campaign, hence the professional shoot to allow for blowing it up nice and big.

I just hope I find my cap and gown box. I have not seen it in several weeks!


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