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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Graduating from Oregon....

I am up and at 'em early this morning as I get ready for receptions and the actual grueling ceremony to gain my Bachelors.

The drive up here took 12 hours but we did stop to walk the dog and eat on the way.

It is so much fun to pile into the car and have at least two thirds of my children with me. The dog was unusually clingy. Let's face it. She has been hit hardest by our family's foreclosure and divorce. She hates change and every time I start packing my toiletries, (which is almost always this last year!) she starts panting heavy and whining slightly.

We stayed at my sister's and used her home as a place for embarking on our excursion. We got a chance to celebrate her birthday a few days early and watch fun shows that had me crying I laughed so hard. I now am a huge fan of the IT Crowd!! Chris Dowd and Richard Ayoade were hysterical and then for the rest of the drive we were blabbing lines from the shows we saw.

It is interesting to me the way the terrain switches from excruciating heat in the Northern environs of California to a wetter, breezier nature when you cross the Oregon-California border.

As we winded through the mid section of the state, I love to watch the barns switch from angular like they are in cowboy country to rounder like they are in Tillamook. It sure feels as exotic as another country to me.

All the next day the kids and I explored the campus and town where my college is....and we took pictures for an advertising campaign. If they like what they see, our faces might smile from magazines and billboards.

The campus is carefully thought out and quite unified in its beauty since the architects of the buildings followed a general plan put together since its inception that gives it cohesiveness. Two of Frederick Law Olmsted's sons worked on its design.

I enjoyed exploring the acres of brick buildings and huge sprawling lawns mired in tons of brick and stone "halls" and "lodges" really made me wish to pursue a PhD here but I already have a lot on my plate and I am not sure a PhD would even make sense later.

I did find myself longing to be able to study on this huge campus.

We were told that there were over 26,000 students with over 4,000 graduating with me tomorrow.

All I know is that I am proud to be a graduate of Oregon State University.

Oregon has two big colleges and I was accepted at both of them but I chose to stick with the one that seemed to cater to its far flung Oregon population with an online program that was high quality.

This was not a slap together degree but instead a hard earned accomplishment.

And I am glad I get to feel the experience by walking with class mates I have never seen!!

Off to attend receptions and the longest graduation ceremony I have ever witnessed....
The photographer was amazing. The campus is stunning to say the least. Olmstead 

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