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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Group Success Starts With Attitude!

It is one of my natural abilities in life to attract nice intelligent people in my life. I consider myself to be very lucky in that respect.

This intensive program has been so much fun for me precisely because I am surrounded by uber intelligent people.

They are way above and beyond. I mean they are intensely clever!  I can see the improvement constantly as everyone learns new concepts perpetually in class. It is a heady, exhilarating experience to absorb as I learn while watching individuals amongst us get something new. It almost seems to be contagious like a positive illness spreading through the room.

Not only that but it takes a certain level of bravery to dive in again and again with a language you are trying to get acquainted with....yet this class of 11 seems to do it perpetually. I had a weird moment yesterday when I realized that I was holding back more than most. It dawned on me that in this world, I have been far less brave then the others around me! I think I am daunted by having such a group of achievers around me in all directions. Usually I am the first to raise my I have often been the last!

At a mixer yesterday I heard someone from another class complaining about his classmates. The person I listened in on groaned about every little thing. "There were too many questions from one guy and the one person is constantly muttering as they repeat everything that is said in our study language."

It occurred to me that there are other people around here who WOULD be annoying to have in class...that complainer for one! I love the fact that everyone in our class asks questions and repeats everything being said. When studying language, it is important to train your mouth and ear with real usage, not intellectual study with your mouth and mind closed!

It helped me to realize what a unique and classy group I found myself in. The class I am in happens to be a group of mixed ages of very positive people. I have noticed that any criticism is aimed at ourselves and never at each other. On top of that their high intelligence makes them pleasant to be around. Smart people never mind being challenged...they thrive on it. And they usually understand each other's perspective so they have compassion. It makes them fun to be around.

The teacher's environment has managed to cultivate a group that is fun to learn alongside.  They seem to also feel supportive rather than needing to be superior to one another. Don't get me wrong, this is a group with a competitive-side but it is a "healthy competitive" in every way. It seems to bring out the best in each of us rather than the worst.

It made me wonder about the wild differences in the group mood of class. My last "in person" class at the college nearby me had that feeling of being mutually supportive but also just plain fun....maybe that is a key to helping build up a positive learning environment.

All I know is that I am soooo lucky to be learning something I love with such a great group environment!!


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