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Saturday, June 8, 2013

In The Flow....

When you suddenly find yourself in the flow it can be startling. All that you touch seems to be honest and clear. Appointments seem to be superfluous since you suddenly meet the exact person you are supposed to see through synchronicities. The traffic seems to deposit you at your destination at exactly the right time and every want, need or desire you utter aloud seems to be fulfilled almost immediately.

After spending weeks trying to clear up possible start dates for school...and dragging my heels out of a desire to be with a cute guy, life sent me off crying and broken hearted, again.

Within hours everything seemed to flow my way in reward. That was when I knew I was on the right track all of a sudden.

My arrival at my meeting with an old high school friend seemed to signify a sudden shift for the good. Even on the way to see her I had found that a possible rental had called back. I pulled over to take the vcery positive call. When I met up with Marlena,her smiling nature and expertise were right up my alley for understanding my school studies better. I found skills reawakened in me which coincidently she valued immediately. It was splendid.

She opened up a world of positive possibilities and information which coincidently put my grad studies into sharp focus. What would have been an hour chit chat turned into an all day romp across the state. It was as if Spirit were suddenly guiding our conversation and all of my ears were open understanding meanings in every word we shared.

It was so alive feeling. I was sort of astounded all day.

It was even better the next day when I found myself dancing in the shower.

What a positive next day! I took a quiz in Geology early, got in the car late and found myself at my appointment, hours away but promptly on time..:it was a splendid home to look freshly bathed dogs romped in the sizable yard located a sand dune away from the ocean.

I was as honest as could be but I also knew in my heart that it was all flowing perfectly.

I stopped by my dream school and verified all the information I have been receiving in the mail. Everyone was speedy and amazingly together as they pushed all of my paerpwork thorugh adn confirmed my enrollment and funds for the summer.

I am now in my dream program for the summer. I have always wanted to be in this program., studying a language very intensely and thoroughly. I know in 8 weeks with all the effort I am bringing to the table that I will be a champ.

I can do this. It is all working out even on paper!

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