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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lots of Driving.....

I was grateful when they canceled movie night in a foreign language. It was going to be shown too late for me to stay.

I knew I would be driving for at least 2 1/2 hours home tonight and back down again for the same amount of time early tomorrow in order to be back at school bright eyed and bushy tailed, (as my mom used to say) by 8:30 am. This morning I drove into town for school over an hour so this has been the week of a lot of driving for me....and everyday I have logged in at least 2 hours or more in order to be at the school.

Tonight is wonderful though since I got to come home to my dogs and my younger son.

I found myself doing so well at thinking in Arabic today that when I ordered lunch I had already ordered in my head in Arabic. I could say everything but "tacos" in Arabic. In addition to being able to actually really speak a language enough to think in it, I was also thrilled with my fellow students who are also into languages and politics. Not bad considering this is my fourth day of class.

The community I was from was not always so oriented towards International Politics. I did not always have anyone around who gave a fig about what was going on in the world. Here at this Institute though, I am surrounded by like minded people. It is a strange feeling to have people around me who are not only versed in world issues but here they are well-versed. Much of the time they are more conversant than I am.

It leaves me feeling thrilled inside. I told my friend about how nice it felt. He said I had found my tribe.

For over a year I have been getting a newsletter in my email box from the Brookings Institute's Doha Center. It is in Arabic script.

I could not piece out more than 1 word in 10 to be honest. I only read the English version if I had time.

But today our professors told us about how to be schooled in real "news" words.

I wasn't the only person in the room grinning.

I might be able to read an Arabic newsletter soon!!

I have to say...this is well worth the driving while I lock down housing.

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