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Sunday, June 30, 2013

So Much That Is New....

Here I am fully engulfed in a new life.

My biggest concerns center around being immersed in my Arabic language exercises.
It is strange since I am now thinking in Arabic. As I say things aloud I  also am remembering words and pronouncing them in my head in the Aeabic language.

I also am enjoying an almost empty house with my son. I don't think I realized how much of the time I appreciated my dishes, or mugs or pictures until I found myself in a house without any of them. Even so we are having alot of fun in our bare essene style home.

We go to the beach and walk along it with the dogs now everyday.

Each day we have been exploring our neighborhood from a  new direction.

To the left of our house is a dazzling resort that has been around for a long time. It's stretch of beach is always chilly and it held up to its reputation when visiting the day before yesterday, even as my friends from the rest of the state were complaining about the extreme heat....over 100 degrees. We threw on our coats to walk the dogs on the windswept beach that was foggy and cold.

The next day we went up the hill where the road seemed smaller. We weren't expecting much, just more rural seeming neighborhood.  To our surprise we found ourselves a few minutes from a nice grocery store. And in the woods. Nice.

Straight down from here is a world class destination within an easy  walk that we haven't had time to try yet.

And my older dog, Samara is getting the shine back in her eyes from the joy she gets from running wildly with Archie, our other dog, at the wave's edge.

My studies are difficult at best and filled with pressure and falling on my face in front of classmates but it seems a highly effective tool at bringing in my Arabic language capacities. I guess the competition and pressure us good for me, because  I am enjoying the amazing amount of Arabic i have in my head.

We are still getting used to being so close to so much, but what an adventure we are on at every moment. I go to bed at night sleeping like a rock. It is as if my senses are heightened in their awareness and that has only added to being more tired at bedtime.

I oddly feel younger the. I did when I started this class two weeks ago....strange.

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