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Friday, July 26, 2013

Fun in the Fog.....

Typical!! My eyes are squinched up so small you can't see eyes have been gone since I got here....all the time....I am happy a lot at my school.

I am having crazy twists to my days here in this Arabic Intensive Program!!

I have been sick for three days. Really sick....I never get headaches or other ailments...but this one knocked me out for days. I actually stayed in bed for a whole day...I haven't done that since pregnant....

So missing three days of this program is like missing 3 weeks of a regular semester class.

I was weak, shaky and sick when I reappeared, selfishly thinking of how I could not afford to miss another day...remember I was already running behind...even though I love Arabic, this language was hard for me anyway...hence my reason for getting into this program. This is a language I have not been able to use much and I really needed to have a refresher.

 As some of you know I went to Italy...that is my best language. But my school does not have it. So it was important to get my other languages rolling. Arabic and Spanish are my two primary languages now to study for the next couple of years.

But after being sick for three days...I mean just yesterday I was weak and sick in the afternoon still....slowly moving and walking.

Today, through the twists of life here in a busy place...I found myself dancing the Debkah with friends from the Arabic program!! I had already learned the dance ages ago...I brought all of my crazy scarves to share...I love the noisy ones that jingle.

After I write this I am leaving the house in my same bangled outfit to hang out with my Arabic program friends and hookah.

Hence my joy at finding myself in a place I love already. It has only been since June 17th but I am loving this place!

But to be honest, I found the hookah in 2009 a few blocks away with Astronomy friends. I was so excited I carried my little plastic tip in my purse to remind me it was OK to indulge in "college experimentation" while studying. I think the young people who included me in their hookah party at a restaurant helped me to really grow from the housewife I was to an interesting housewife who is now a graduate of two colleges and starting my third. I owe those students a lot.

In spite of yet another cold foggy day....I am so grateful to be studying and playing with really cool cultures like this one!! I don't know which is more foreign and interesting....Arabic or grad school...Either way I am sure happy!

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