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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Supporting My Education

Supporting My Education



Now I am in my new place in my dream town. It is strange to be home in a place I have never lived before. I know this place really well but am really excited to live within an easy drive or a hard walk from so much I hold very dear. I can walk to rocky cliffs, but instead we drive…being Californians…it would be a long mile or two up a very steep hill to get home…and most of my time is involved in my intensive study so we drive to incredible beaches, cliffside walks and my place of study.


I delight in taking a daily walk on the beach or sit on the beach, with my two dogs and allowing my very savvy, ocean experienced child his opportunity to spend a couple of hours on his own intensive study of swimming amongst the waves. Yesterday he came up to me with his eyes registering excitement….he had been swimming out pretty far when a head popped up next to him…a seal….it was close enough to touch its whiskers….he thought it was young, not an adult. They both stared at each other, obviously curious. Then they mutually swam away….


That has happened to him about 3 times in less then two weeks.


I have seen the dark, wet furry heads next to his own twice….it is startling and awe-inspiring all at once…


I have been overwhelmed in my study mostly from running behind in the first week. The rest of the class was most diligent during that time while I was slacking the most since some days my commute amounted to 6 hours. It took all of my effort to have time to eat around a full school schedule of 9-3…and I hardly ever left before 4 or 5 to finish some basic studies in my favorite study hall.


Now I am finally able to really have time to get into my studies but it is late in the game for an intensive course…even so I have to say I am still enjoying the experience. I love studying foreign languages and when left to just put together sentences instead of focusing on spelling work, I am excellent at remembering natural grammar and vocabulary. The canned conversation from the text really frustrates me since it included words like UN and Admissions in its first vocabulary list. I tend to want to ask about people and their feelings and expressions rather than dive in on unnatural conversations that are not going to be necessary until far later in my relationship to this language. But then again, maybe that is just me….I don’t want the material dumbed down or anything but it is nice when we talk about kids, houses and feeling rather than plurals and singular nouns….


I have had a really nice time though in coming along on my thinking, speaking and reading in Arabic which were my priority anyway. I just want to communicate with people….that is why I like language I think…it is fun to find out others share so much of the same experience and when can we glimpse that but when we share our words.



I found my dream house here but this first month is turning out to be way tighter than expected. It should be easier next month and the month after though once I get myself established, but now is tight.


So I want to be part of the human security movement and I am interested in one of the Post Cold War ideas to stretch our resources practically and create a world more centered on the individual rights of humanity rather than states and nationhood being the focus….a world where there is Freedom from Want and Freedom from Fear. It sounds like a dream world but there are more basic facts involved that I will be studying when I enter my Policy Studies. One of my ideas is to be involved in the microloan world where small business is supported in its infancy in order to become viable.


That made me realize that though I have drawn up a few small business plans, I have not actually turned one in to a bank or an entity in order to get loans. This made me see that I want to actually do that in order to have a clue before I actually go abroad to do the same with others.


As I draw up my Business Plan I also decided to put my books up for sale and finish my website so here it is…my work going forward is to have other books I have written out there but today I only have my oldest book up for sale. It follows a format I don’t use very often anymore. Now I write in essay form. My ideas flow like conversation so it is better when I have the details  written in so to speak.



I only have a book of affirmations, or daily prayers, or meditations for sale today but maybe I will have the others I have already written available soon…and they can help me be assured I will go into my studies in the Fall more aware of what I am attempting to be involved with in the future.  If you can, slip by and help me make a bit of money at my writing…if you have ever enjoyed anything I have written now is a good time to help me out….but no guilt…either way I am learning how to help others understand business the more I understand it myself…and an skills I use for supporting my education need to be put into play if I am to accomplish this uphill yet enjoyable climb. Each skill I cultivate now will be worth thousand of times more when in the field so to speak….I guess the point of this is I am desperately needing to put myself out there more then ever so….I am asking, can you help me out by supporting my education if you can? My first book is called Confirmations. I put the funniest picture of myself I could find since many of you know exactly what I look like….or looked like in the past….you will know you are at the right place if you find a stark site with only one product for sale today….but it has a picture of me grinning my goofy grin!!


In the meantime…. Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for being interested!

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