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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Backstory

So I wrote my book Confirmations at a time when I knew my marriage was ending. It was not a happy time for either of us though we made the best of it. Since we had been together for decades we were confused as to where each of us ended and the other began. We were almost fused into one person.

I remember writing  Confirmations helped me to feel better. It was filled with my usual daily prayers. But it helped me release the pressure. I could release alot of the sorrow through writing...breathing and meditating.

Therefore the book I have for sale was my first foray into delving inward and expressing outward.

Well I guess that is not entirely true. I have my first diary still my  storage unit with all of my other stuff. I started it at 16 years of age as a teen at my high school where I went to school with some of the finest human beings on earth. Of course I did not know that they were then, so I found time with them to be tension filled. I did not know then the tension came from within me. My diary blames my frustrations on everyone around me instead of seeing it was all my mindset.

I would like to say that now I would never be so naive or miss the truth so completely but I  am guilty of falling for the illusion quite often, even today.

That 16 year old Terri's diary, bumped along through the football season of a junior year, seemingly rambling about nothing, when something amazing happened.

That Terri ran across her future husband and the father of her 3 children.

The diary tells all about it.

I guess my blog is my new fangled version of expressing my experience.

And my book Confirmations was my expression of release as I stumbled through one of the most crushing times of my life.

The only thing that made it tolerable was that my husband was as miserable as I was. His response was truly remarkable. He loved and supported me through it all. He gave me time for writing and nurtured my soul as it expressed itself.

That is the background of my book. It is not in hard copy yet. But my vision sees that as entirely possible someday. For now I sell it as a downloadable book at my bookstore for $10.

Buying it will help me to keep afloat for a month or so until I can make ends meet here at grad school.

Thanks for reading this...and thanks for all your good vibes.

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