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Friday, August 2, 2013

Talking To A Publisher....,

When waiting with intense frustration and overloaded with stress....I search for a task I can do that will make me happy. It is just what I do. I had a previous boyfriend refer to  this quality as "unfocused" but I think of it as my way of dealing with frustration.  I never thought that his way was wrong so it bothered that he felt so strongly that I needed to be more like him to be happy but that explains much about why we are not together.

So I woke early and instead of studying work I am hopelessly behind in... I found a publisher that is interested in my work and for the record I have always been into their work as well.

Hay House Publishing is very into positive thinking and focusing forward.

This is a perfect fit.

The deal is that I am not interested in print copies of my works that I have finished yet but want to get a fair deal for the work I started this week.

They are calling me in September to see where I  in my book about my life after my  dear Ex-husband came out in 2005.

That gives me a month to write the promised 150 pages more I need to express. I am interested in creating a positive template for others going through lots of changes.

Send me a good luck vibe......aside from having kids....this might be the most important thing I have done in a while...,..

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